August 12, 2012

83th Reunion

Bush Pavilion


  Bush Reunion Newsletter


In this Edition…

* History Spotlight on

John  and  Mary Rippetoe Bush


*5th Bush Reunion Minutes

from 1934


* Photos, photos, and more photos.


*and more…….



Picnic Reminders

Lunch at 1pm.

Bring food to share

Don’t forget lawn chairs

Drinks, paper products,

and utensils will be













































Kristen Leigh Jenkins graduated from West Caldwell High School 2012 She is the daughter of Donnie and Pam Jenkins, granddaughter of the late Bobby and Hazel Craig.

Amber Hahn: daughter of David and Debra Hahn graduated June 9, 2012 with Honors from West Caldwell High School in Lenoir, NC.  Amber will be attending Western Carolina University majoring in Emergency Medicine.  Amber is the granddaughter of Claude and Caroline Cogdell.

Rebecca Jo Prestwood:  daughter of Joseph Clyde Prestwood graduated with honors from Park High School, Cottage Grove, MN.  She plans to attend the University of Wisconsin in the fall majoring in Biology.  Rebecca is the granddaughter of James and Margaret Prestwood.

Megan Hahn: daughter of David and Debra Hahn graduated in 2009 from West Caldwell High School in Lenoir, NC.  Megan is studying criminal justice at Western Piedmont College.  Megan is the granddaughter of Claude and Caroline Cogdell.

Christopher Grice:  graduated as a valedictorian from NC State University in May 2012 with a dual BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.  He will be attending Wake Forest University School of Law in August - studying Patent Law.  Christopher is the son of Enola Keener Grice and the late Jeffrey Prestwood Grice of Cary, NC, and the grandson of Roy and Helen Prestwood


Bailey Bush Stevens has received a field grant of 14,000 toward tuition for Dental School at the University of NC at Chapel Hill.  Bailey's studies will start August 16th.  Bailey is the daughter of Leslie Bush Stevens and granddaughter of Maggie Bush and the late Gene Bush., great granddaughter of Ransom L and Minnie Bush



Jonathon Grice married Sara Boshamer, formally of Gastonia, NC, on June 3, 2012 at a private

estate on Long Island, Bahamas.  Jonathon is the son of Enola Keener Grice and the late Jeffrey

Prestwood Grice of Cary, NC., and the grandson of Roy and Helen Prestwood Grice.  Jonathon

and Sara reside in Raleigh, NC.






Thanks to everyone who provided us with family news.  Others enjoy reading your news, and it becomes part of history!





Right:  Helen Grice enjoying the scrumptious food found at the reunion every year.  Notice the white, long table clothes and beautiful fresh flower arrangement.  Lots of work went into making the reunion special each year.

Above:  Richard Berge Bush welcoming family members to his home, one of the early sites of the Bush Reunion.

Top: 1956 reunion at Berge Bush’s Home.










Donald Leo Otis passed away December 8, 2010 at the age of 87 at his home in Lenoir, NC. He is the son of Tiford Leo Otis and Selma Appel Otis.  He is the grandson of Vincent and Anna Hudspeth of the Richard Bush Line.

R.L” Rooster” Bush, Jr. passed away November 2, 2011 at the age of 89.  He was born June 15, 1922 to R. L Bush and Minnie Davis Bush in Caldwell County, NC. He is survived by his wife Jeanne Eley Norment Bush, daughters Virginia A. Bush, Barbara Barrett, son Ransom Lee Bush, III and two grandchildren.

Patricia Yates Tolbert passed away December 2, 2011 at her residence in Hickory, NC.  Patricia is survived by her husband John Stanley Tolbert, daughter Cindy Tolbert and son Paul Tolbert and two Grandchildren.  John Stanley Tolbert is the son of J.C. and Bergie Bush Tolbert.  


RandyAllen Gibson passed away June 6, 2012 at the of 59.  He is the son of Earl and Floye C. Gibson.  .

J. Gordon Bush passed September 27, 2010.  Gordon passed away in Lenoir at the age of 96. He was born Aug. 22, 1914, in Caldwell County, to the late Jefferson Tate Bush and Annie Beard Bush.

Billie Sue Prestwood Taylor, passed away September 21 2010 in Fort Myers, FL.  She was the only child of Colon and Pauline Prestwood and grand-daughter of James Sidney and Laura Cordelia Bush Prestwood.           









Cameron Oren Ulrich was born on June 11, 2011 to Sampson and Alicia Erickson Ulrich. Cameron is the grandson of Don and Debra Erickson and great-grandson of Eric and Marla Otis Erickson of the Richard Bush line.


Ella Margaret Hammond born May 27th, 2012 weighing 6 pounds and 3 ounces, and was 193/4 inches long.

Parents are Ellen and Jeremy Hammond, Granddaughter or Leslie Bush Stevens, great grandparents are Maggie Bush and the late Thomas E. Gene Bush


Aiden Lee Kirk son of Ashley Hahn and Daniel Kirk was born January 17, 2012.  Aiden is the grandson of David and Debra Hahn and the great grandson of Claude and Caroline Cogdell.

James Harold Craig passed away January 1, 2012 in Durham, NC. James was born March 9, 1929 to George and Pearl Prestwood Craig.         He was preceded in death by his wife Peggy Ferrell.  Harold was the grandson of James Sidney and Laura Cordelia Bush Prestwood.

















Doris Bush having fun with her

 Grandson Ryland Sedlacek
















Mary Hester Stallings


Mary Hester Bush Stallings celebrated her 95th birthday on May 13, 2012.  In celebration of her birthday Mary Hester’s home church in Thomasville, NC had a party on Sunday, May 6. On May 13 her family and friends gathered at her daughter Barbara’s home in Huntersville where Mary is now living.  Mary is the daughter of Richard Ivey Bush of the Richard Bush Line.

Above:  John and Dave Bush

Left:  Mary Hester Stallings, Lucy Stallings Lisk, & Barbara Stallings Gerhardt















Treasurer Report                                                     






*PLEASE SEND ALL DONATIONS TO BUSH REUNION TREASURER (Deanna Dickinson) SO AS TO KEEP TRACK OF ALL DONATIONS AND PURCHASES.  The treasurer will then distribute monies to appropriate categories such as newsletter, DNA tests, etc.  The EXCEPTION to this is that all COLLIERS CEMETARY donations may be sent directly to the church-










History of John Bush

(April 17, 1772-March 22, 1854)




John Bush, the forerunner of the Caldwell County Bush Clan settled in Burke (now Caldwell) County before 1800.  John was born in Bute (now Warren) County, North Carolina, April 17, 1772.  His father was Richard Bush and his mother is unknown. John and his family moved into the neighborhood of Thomas Conley on Prince’s and Morgan’s Creeks in Orange County after the Revolutionary War. John stated in his sister Susanna’s pension application that he witnessed her marriage to Captain William Jones at his father Richard Bush’s home in Orange County, February 6, 1782.  Sometime before 1790 William Jones, Susannah Bush Jones, John Bush, and father Richard Bush plus two females (could have been Richard’s wife and daughter Lucy) moved to Anson (now Union) County, North Carolina. (Bush was spelled Boush on Census.) James Poe, who Lucy is said to have married, was from Union County (maybe Chowan County, not sure.)  They may have met and married during this time.  A few years later Susanna and William Jones moved to Burke County. John moved to Burke County sometime after 1797.  Story has it that John came with his first wife and his father, Richard.  His wife supposedly died from a fever, and was buried near a tree near Colletesville.  Though his father, Richard, is said to have come with him, there is no proof of Richard living or dying in Burke County.  He must have passed away soon after arriving, or stayed in Union County.  Once in Burke County, John lived with Rueben Fletcher until he met and “stole” Mary Rippetoe.  He and Mary married in Burke County on June 16, 1801.  Mary was the daughter of William and Ruth Ann Antle Rippetoe.  (It is my theory that Richard died in Union County and John came up to be close to Susannah in Burke County.  Also, it was in the spring of 1798 that Susannah’s husband William Jones passed away.  John could have also been coming to offer support to his sister.) John and Mary lived a full and prosperous life in Burke County.  According to the census he was a farmer. In 1840, John and Mary, son, John, and daughters, Francis and Elizabeth, are living beside his son-n-law Joab Piercy, daughter, Prudence Bush Piercy, and their son Wesley Piercy.  By the 1850 census John had developed rheumatism and he and his wife, Mary, were living next to his son John. John died in 1854. (It is interesting to note that Berge Bush, Grandson of John and Mary Bush, had a piece of paper in his wallet when he died in 1940 that at the statement that John Bush the son died two years before his father in 1852 from Pneumonia he contracted from riding on a stormy night to get a Doctor.  It does not say who he was getting the Doctor for. )





      More Reunion Photos      






Right: Lady in pant

suitis Lilly Bradshaw

Kirby, Gentleman in

front unknown.

197? Reunion.



Below: Jimmy Todd

& daughter Haley,

2011 Reunion.




Left: President Roger Williams & Secretary Deanna Sellers.


Above:  Scott and Laura Sedlacek







August 14, 2011

Roger Williams called the reunion to order at 1:05pm. Roy Sellers gave the blessing on the food. Roger welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. The last year’s minutes were approved. Treasury was reported in the newsletter.



Jim Prestwood and Rooster Bush were recognized as our Trustees.

Bobby Bush, one of our original reunion trustees, passed away this year. Caroline Cogdell nominated Bobby Bush, Jr, to replace his father as a trustee. There was a motion to vote and he was sustained.

We then observed a moment of silence for all family members who had passed away.




Awards were given for the following:


2011 Bush Reunion Minutes                                                    Submitted by: Deanna Sellers, Secretary




Oldest attending:

James Prestwood 87yrs.

Youngest attending:

Kyros Correll 5yrs.

Longest travelled:

Fred Underdown

Athens, Tennessee

Longest Married:

Jim and Margaret Prestwood 


Newest Married:

Scott and Laura Sedlacek



Caroline then brought up the cost of mailing out the newsletter and encouraged all who would be willing to sign up and receive their newsletter via email to do so before leaving the reunion.





The following lines from our Bush Ancestors were represented at the reunion:                                 


John Bush Family (2 attending)

Philip Bush Family (2-3 families)

Milton Bush (several)

Julius Postel (several)


We would like to ask for ideas and volunteers to help with the children and activities for them during the reunion for upcoming years. Susan reminded all attending that we do have a bulletin board and the availability for you to put up memory plaques for someone. You can have it made and bring it to put up at the next reunion. The reunion was dismissed and closed with singing by Sydney Schilling and Heather Simyon.































“If you don’t know (family) history, you don’t know anything.  You’re a leaf that doesn’t know it’s a part of a tree.’           Michael Crichtonl



Bill & Patsy Kirby

Mildred Underdown

 2011Bush Reunion




Minutes from 1934 Reunion


   The Fifth Annual Bush Reunion was held on the above date at the usual place, a large crowd gathered and thoroughly enjoyed an hour of greeting old friends and meeting new ones.


   We were sorry and disappointed that Mr. Bradshaw could not be with us since his health would not permit.  But while we greatly missed Rev. Bradshaw, we were not disappointed in the wonderful address that Dr. Excell Rozelle of the Lenoir First Methodist Church brought.  He said so many good things about the Bush families that he knew that we felt almost as if he was one of our number – no one else we thought would be able to brag so much good about a Bush. 


   At one 0’clock the tables were spread.  There were plenty of good things to eat and plenty of hungry mouths so needless to say we had a great time.


   When the dinner was over everybody was satisfied and began to drift away and the meeting was brought to a close about three o’clock.  . 


Respectfully Submitted,

Mrs. Gordon Keller

Reunion Secretary







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Directions to the Bush Pavilion

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History of Mary Rippetoe

(March 19, 1779-25 Feb 1857)


Mary Rippetoe is the daughter of Ruth Ann Antle and William Rippetoe.  William and Ruth came to North Carolina to live on land granted to them through William’s service in the Revolutionary War.  They moved from Albemarle County in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where William was born.  Ruth was born in Fredrick County, Virginia.  They moved to Burke County after the birth of their daughter Mary in 1779.  William and Mary later moved away from Caldwell County to Rippetoe Springs, Russell County, Kentucky. Most of their children moved with them. 

The children of William and Ruth Rippetoe were:  Elizabeth, who married Jacob Grider, Nancy, who married Peter Fincannon, Anon, Mary, who married John Bush, David who married Elizabeth Hairshaw, William Jr. who married Elizabeth Vinson, John who married Polly Allen, Sarah who married Jacob Oldacre, James Ireland who married Patricia Knight, and Peter, who married Nancy Robertson.

Interesting information is known about Anon. Though her spouse is unknown, she was married in Burke County, North Carolina, late in 1800 after the census was taken. They had two children named Uriah (ca. 1801) and Sarah "Sally" (ca. 1803). Anon and her husband accompanied her parents and family to Kentucky in 1804. The only documented information we have on Anon and her family's life in Kentucky was written by Litha RIPPETOE (born 1855), a great niece, in an old letter, of which the writer has a copy. In part, it states.


"About 1810, Aunt Anon and husband were found scalped near their home in the community later known as the Crocus, Kentucky, and community. The children Uriah and Sally related that this tragic act had been committed by Indians who had come up on one of their frequent raids from the Cumberland River. The Indians stole the two children and traveled back into the dense forest. Young Uriah was on the alert watching for an opportunity to escape; but an advisable opportunity did not come until the third evening. He and little sister Sally stole out from their camp when everyone seemed to be sound asleep. With much fear they hid and slept in hollow logs during daylight hours and made every attempt to walk at night. There were many swift, wide, slate bottom creeks in that section of Kentucky. Uriah was compelled to weight his little


sister's skirt with rocks to enable her to wade across without being washed off her feet. With young pioneer spirit and patience, they made their way back to a settlement and freedom again. Young Sally had a daughter by the same name, Sarah A. ("Sally) (born 1828 in Kentucky) who married Parrish ("Pall") G. REASE (born 1825 in Kentucky). They lived in Russell County, Kentucky, in June of 1860 and had three children, all born in Kentucky. They were: Sarah Fanny (born 1851); Killa A. (born 1853), and a son, Laurston L. (born 1855). I well remember the time when Parrish, Sally, and family came up from their home to spend the night with Father and Mother. I remember Mother's telling Sally I was the VERY image of her."

It is believed that Anon and her husband were buried in two of the six unmarked graves beside those of William I and Ruth A. RIPPETOE in the Rippetoe Springs Cemetery







Rippetoe Springs Cemetery, KY

Where William and Ruth are buried.








These are the only pictures of William Rippetoe’s Grandchildren  that I have except for Mary Rippetoe and John Bush’s children.


















2011 Reunion

Top Left:  Elsie Livingston & Helen Underdown.

Bottom: CR and Doris Bush relaxing in the shade.

Right:  Mike Stallings







Steve and Elaine Lambrechts

Deanna, Parker & Bill Dickerson

Bush Reunion 2011



Missing Addresses


Authur Bush

Irene Bush

Scott Lewis

Cathy Howell

O. F. Howell

Paul Hudspeth

Bruce Johnson

Kimberly Askew

Leroy Melton

Sybil Moffit

Mrs Herb Smith

Waitsel Smith

Tom Tyson

Bert Walthers

Delorice White

Jonathon Willard